J – El Capitano

They say a great entrepreneur is tirelessly persistent.

Not J, he’s just a mad man.

Wood Anchor was built on reveries of practical ideals (commit and figure it out later), extraordinary people and thought processes given birth from staring at the sky and dreaming big.

J started Wood Anchor in 2005 based on the idea of sustainable design and builds.

Working with reclaimed materials in ways unique to the industry, and constantly developing new ideas, J has guided the ship with the vision necessary to take concepts and carry them into existence, defying standard archetypes through innovative thought and unorthodox process.

His team of designers and artists has been handpicked over several years for the inherent aptitude they possess to not only conceptualize but to build functional art forms. To them he is a mentor and a cautionary tale.

When J’s not at work, he’s either skateboarding, working on a motorbike or hanging out with his friends and his family.  J loves to travel and it’s the motivator for everything he does.

J lives by these 5 words – Do what who you are.

You can follow J on his Instagram @j_capitano




Stephen – Ships Master/Boatswain (Site Manager)

UberSteelvin has a weird sense of humour that surprises even himself some days. He can often be heard laughing and saying “oh my…”

Steve is the longest running mate at Wood Anchor. Along with J, Steve has learnt everything the hard way. They built a sawmill together and Steve learned how to operate it, they started producing their own steel table structures and Steve became the best welder on the crew, the list goes on.

Steve’s is one part yard manager, maintenance manager, shop manager, and shipping and receiving manager. He also pays attention to the details that only by learning by trial and error can teach you.

When not working on a table, you can see Steve rocking out to bad 90’s metal.

Check out his Instagram @stephenrosspritchard




Ray – Quarter Master (Sales & Marketing/Office Manager)

Sensei Ray thinks he’s a “surfer”. He’s a man with many hats or should we say touques?

He’s the social media man responsible for keeping Wood Anchor with all of you in the social media world. If you’re calling the office, chances are he will be the one answering and doing his best to help you out on your project needs.

Ray’s developed a great understanding of the type of projects that Wood Anchor like’s to specialize in. His attention to detail when dealing with customers make him a client fave!

When not working on social media or client quotes Ray’s watching skate videos or listening to live surfing comps.

He’s a freelance photographer who is also Wood Anchor’s photographer.

Check out his portfolio at or follow his Instagram @gnar_gnar_ray




Karen – Sailing Master (Lead Designer, Builder)

Karen is by far the weirdest member of the crew – “just kidding”!!

Karen is a thoughtful and knowledgeable maker, creating from material first, allowing the wood to be the inspiration for each and every design. She started with Wood Anchor in 2010 just after graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Design. She has brought to the table a good eye for form and detail as well as the ability to conceptualize a given project… she also has some mad sanding and finishing skills.

When she’s not finishing a table, Karen can be seen dancing like a maniac to random un-dance-able music.

You can take a look at her portfolio here: or follow her Instagram @hareandhare




KELLEN – Powder Monkey (Designer, Builder)

Kellen Degenerate is a carpenter and artist who cut his teeth at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Kellen is a careful and hardworking dude with a vision for something bigger. He’s often bringing in new designs that he’s been working on in his evenings off, purposefully mastering his craft. His compositions are well thought out.

He can be heard singing sailor songs or Tragically Hip in the shop and enjoys uncomfortably sexual dancing.

You can follow Kellen on Instagram @kellendeighton

Or check out his work at




Ian – Cabin Boy (Builder)

Even Ian, wood weirdo by day, drum weirdo by night. Ian can often be heard in the back corner of the shop working on a table yelling “Bang, bang, crash, crash, bang…ride”

Ian brings a sense of uniqueness to Wood Anchor. He started only a few months ago but has the vision necessary to see what has to be done. His strong work ethic, keen eye, and desire to learn more has been a welcome sight.

Ian can often be found putting the worst music possible on for everyone to suffer through until we all yell at him.

Check out his music here  You can follow Ian on his Instagram @bearded_owl_club

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