Our designs are a product of our culture of collaboration, a process, a tool, a material or a technique.

Rather than a design trickling down from designer to fabricator, our pieces are designed and built to showcase our studio’s unique and adventurous operation.

Like any good conversation, our work develops from mixture of stories, what ifs, practical advice, challenges, a dare, frivolous banter and a few inside jokes.

The conical 7’ 6’’ solid turned elm piece was designed and built using custom made machinery and a little in-house ingenuity.

You Are Here is the sculptural product of our design process, by pushing elements of scale, playfulness and presentness.

The work invites the viewer to contemplate the potential of design to create meaning in any space.

We are present in everything we build. We are constantly aware of the properties of the materials we work with–maintaining our presentness in everything we do.


You are here tells that story.