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Our team was excited to hear our design submission SCATTERED SPHERES was a winner in the BENCHmark 2016 competition!

The BENCHmark 2016 competition invited designers to submit proposals for the design of a permanent bench along the Bishop Grandin Trail – Winnipeg’s longest multi-use trail.

A competition seeking designers to help make / celebrate places that embody physical literacy, add refinement to the art of traveling while providing a place to sit, read, discuss and exchange.

In the end we decide to use reclaimed Elm as the species as choice as it pays homage to Winnipeg’s Elm trees that have succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease.


The scattered spheres are turned from solid reclaimed White Oak, and are composed in a cluster along the Agassiz site. These pieces operate as both a composition in the landscape and a functional place for pause. These minimal and immediate forms encourage users to interact with them in fun and creative ways. These objects resist a prescribed function, but rather encourage the user to behave as a collaborator.


2017 © Ray Chan Photo, All Rights Reserved