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This Imbue Light was built for a stunning cabin in the Lake of the Woods area.

The home owners wanted something that was going match the ambiance of the overall design. This design is based off our show piece for the 2016 Interior Design Show but with more refined inner design.


Imbue Light–200 year old white bur oak salvaged from development sites (trees in areas of development typically are land filled), cast aluminum in wood molds, cast and machined aluminum.

The Oak is cut green on our sawmill and then bent into the beautiful folding continuous rings and then dried. The oak is left raw to celebrate the color and strength that this wood has.

The aluminum is cast in wood molds, a technique Wood Anchor developed from countless hours of experimenting and becoming familiar with our materials. This leaves the aluminum with a beautiful purple/blue coloring and a texture that is reminiscent rough stone. Areas of the aluminum are polished to contrast the cast pieces and pay homage to the countless hours that we spend perfecting our craft.

Wood Anchor Imbue Light


60″ diameter x 36″ height salvaged Manitoba Bur Oak shade (unfinished-no clear coat)

Machined aluminium light components

Aluminum cast diffuser and fixture arms

Includes junction mounting plate