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We were approached by Dave Thomas of Ayshkum Engineering (co-designed U of M’s Aboriginal Students Centre) to fabricate and co-design build  a commemorative display for University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Engineering ENGAP program.

An important element in the concept was a wood slab which lead Dave to contact us to see how we could bring his concept to fruition. Upon meeting with Dave and his design team we collectively concluded that we (as a design-build studio) would co-fabricate/co-design-build the entire display.

The concept Dave and his team envisioned used materials that would symbolize elements in indigenous culture.

Aluminum panel stand-offs featured the alumni of the program. All names of the graduates were laser engraved on the panels. The panels which stand proud of the back lit acrylic rubber cast is made to resemble a canoe.

The 9 foot wood slab is built from solid Oak. The CNC work symbolizes the lakes of Manitoba with small rivers running off them. All engravings on the slab including the ENGAP logo were laser engraved.

To read about the celebration check out the blog post here! ENGAP 30

2015 © Ray Chan Photo, All Rights Reserved, 2015 © Wood Anchor, All Rights Reserved, photo credits Ayshkum Engineering