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Wash and Care is a mild and gentle non-toxic cleaner for wood. It is made with vegetable oils. It is gentle on the skin and biodegradable. It contains no solvents, formaldehyde or phosphates and leaves no residue without rinsing.

The best way to use wash and care is to spray on the floor and wipe with a clean sponge mop or cloth. The ratio for dilution is 7 mL to 750 mL of water.

• Highly effective and water-soluble, for quick, easy, and thorough floor maintenance. Great for large, hightraffic areas.
• Cleans and freshens floors at the same time.
• Free of solvents, color and perfume; biodegradable.


1L OSMO Wash & Care $32.00
Above pricing is subject to PST & GST. OSMO products are only available for Winnipeg local pickup only.

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The OSMO Liquid Wax Cleaner is easy to use and buffs to a sheen. It is water reposmo_liquid_wax_01ellent and odorless when dry. Using Liquid Wax Cleaner restores the finish and helps to keep it lasting indefinitely. This product is designed to be used on any waxed woodwork.

How to use Liquid Wax Cleaner: First clean the floor or wood thoroughly and dry. Apply thinly to the clean surface. (10 mLs covers 10 sq ft) Dry for 30-60 minutes until a white haze has formed and buff with a soft cotton cloth.

To remove heavy stains: Apply a small amount on a cloth or non staining scotch pad and rub the dirty area. For heavier stains, use fine steel wool. Wipe off the dirt residue and use liquid wax oil according to directions above.

Spot Repairs: Spot repairs are easy. There is no need to strip the whole floor or even to remove old Hardwax Oil. Just scuff the damaged area, coat with Liquid Wax Cleaner and buff when the cleaner is dry. Make repairs regularly, and the finish will last indefinitely.


Note: If there is damaged wood, repairs should be made with Hardwax Oil.


• For cleaning and maintaining oiled and waxed wood or cork floors and furniture.
• Both cleans and rejuvenates.
• Easy application, and very economical.
• Water-repellent, almost odourless, and benzene-free.


1L OSMO Liquid Wax Cleaner
 Above pricing is subject to PST & GST. OSMO products are only available for Winnipeg local pickup only.


Maintanance of Hardwax Oil Wood Floor

For everyday cleaning, a broom or a vacuum cleaner is all you need. To remove stains, the floor can also be damp mopped. If done regularly, using Wash & Care it will help and maintain your floor …read more


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