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OSMO products are only available for Winnipeg local pickup only.



Since quality wood is our passion, we searched the world over for the perfect finish for our own floor. Unhappy with the quality of water based finishes, we wanted a beautiful finish that complemented the organic grains of natural wood while being durable, clean and safe to use, and practical. OSMO kept coming up and fit the bill and more as the best product on the market for coating floors, furniture, and etc.

We have been using the OSMO line of products exclusively on all Wood Anchor furniture, interior home furnishings, and  flooring and have never been disappointed with the results!




The Best Reasons to use OSMO

It has natural ingredients; the hard wax oil is made of vegetable oils and waxes, is benzene free, using highly refined mineral spirits, with no strong chemical smell, low VOC.

It’s simple to fix worn out areas or scratches without refinishing the entire floor and is as durable as polyurethane.

It’s easy to apply with no sanding necessary between the only 2 coats, and 1 litre covers 250 – 300 sq.ft.

It has a beautiful matte finish that preserves the look of natural wood!



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Information on OSMO Hardwax Polyx Oil

Polyx Oil (Formula 3054)

OSMO Hardwax Oil is an engineered finish made with plants oils waxes, plus just enough highly refined “benzene free” mineral spirits to allow easy application. This professional, satin-matte finish is of particular durability and resistance to floors, cork, woodwork and unglazed tiles. It offers natural flexibility of wood as well as excellent durability and renew-ability with a unique lustrous finish. It will never crack, blister, or flake off and leaves the wood looking and feeling natural.

OSMO Hardwax Oil has open pores that “breathe”, allowing the wood to moisture regulate. It is water repellent and meets German standards for resistance to stains from wine, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, and of course, beer. It is safe for man, animal and plant when dry. …read more


Maintanance of Hardwax Oil Wood Floor

For everyday cleaning, a broom or a vacuum cleaner is all you need. To remove stains, the floor can also be damp mopped. If done regularly, using Wash & Care it will help and maintain your floor …read more


How to apply OSMO Polyx-Oil by hand

OSMO Hardwax Oil dries to a satin-matte sheen. No shiny surface film. Preserves the look and feel of natural wood. Because it’s not a plastic coating, the finish doesn’t fill wood pores. Suitable for all interior rooms and woodwork-even where spills may occur …read more


How to apply OSMO Polyx-Oil by Machine

OSMO Hardwax Oil must not get on surfaces that will later be painted. Mask baseboards and other paintable surfaces when applying finish by machine …read more


Osmo Hardwax MSDS

Identification of the substance/preparation and company …read more