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Hardwood Dining Tables

From Tree To Table

With 15 + years of wood working experience our talented team of artists and craftspeople have an exceptional understanding of building unique solid wood dining tables with urban species. Our custom tables are all hand built in our shop.



We locally source and salvage Elm, Oak and Ash trees that would have been burned, buried or discarded into a landfill. All logs are cut on our sawmill and seasoned for a minimum of 6 – 12 months and then kiln dried to 6% moisture level prior to use. Any off-cuts are used on smaller projects or used for heating our kiln. We finish all wood components in OSMO Hardwax Polyx oil clear coat. An environmentally friendly and natural product, that offers a beautiful matte finish. We love this finish for its durability and ease of maintenance.



We pride ourselves in hand building all components that go into our tabletops and leg bases. From the selection process to final completion every step is carefully thought and executed to produce and solid, structurally sound, and truly one of a kind piece for all our customers and clients.


Styles – Simply put, you have the table idea and we’ll help you build it!

Dining tables, coffee tables, side-tables, entrance tables, credenzas, conference tables, hotel and hospitality tables.

Whatever your imagination brings to the “table” we can help you design you custom keep-sake from a simple idea to fruition.




Custom Boardroom Tables

We design unique one of a kind conference tables that make a statement in any room. Perfect for conference/boardrooms rooms, grand entrance foyers, boutique hotels, & boutique restaurants.

Some ideas to consider when building a custom table:

What species would you like to use? We like to use reclaimed woods or harvested trees from our local area but if you’re thinking something exotic other that our beautiful local selections let us know and we’ll do our best to bring some in. If you have a tree that is sentimental to you and has been felled there is a good possibility we could use your tree as well!

Dimensions. Length x width x thickness x height. If you are building a table to seat people how many people do you plan to seat? We like to allow 2 feet of space per person.

Wood legs or metal? If you like the idea metal we can custom design them for you!

Available Wood Anchor Leg Bases

elm-dining-table-dagny-leg DAGNY LEG

reardon leg-by-wood-anchorREARDON LEG



Custom Table Leg Design Options Available

Order Your Custom Dining or Boardroom Table

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