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Thank you for choosing Wood Anchor!
Please review the terms and conditions that apply to your purchase.


If you bought something from another company. Return it to them, not us!


If you install products with a sledgehammer and want to return them (don’t bother)!


If you haven’t done your research and are surprised by wood movement and were hoping it would act like plastic, don’t bother sending it back.


Wood Anchor brands all our wood builds because we are proud of what we do.


Due to the pure enjoyment that life brings us we DO NOT work evenings or weekends, EVER!.


20% restocking fee will be charged on all returns.


Proof of purchase will be required.


After 30 days …… you own it!

• Taxes: GST extra for Canadian residents and PST extra for Manitoba residents.


• Prices are firm for 30 days from the date of this quotation. A purchase order must be received within the 30 day period and the customer must agree to take delivery of the raw product within 12 weeks from order or the prices for the materials are subject to change based on market conditions.


• WoodAnchor Inc. reserves the right to refuse the contract if terms and conditions cannot be negotiated and mutually agreed upon.

• Payment terms:
All sales below $1000.00 (not including taxes) are required to make full payment to an commence order.
On purchase orders of $1000.00 or greater a 50% deposit is required to commence an order.
The remaining 50% balance is due upon pick-up/substantial completion.
Balances must be paid prior to any delivery or installation of product.
An interest rate of 2.5% per month will be added on overdue accounts.


• Any holdbacks’ according to the Manitoba Builders Lien Act must be stated in a contract prior to initiating an order. Any quotes on projects based on the MB Builders Lien Act will be priced accordingly.

• All deliveries and installations take place during Wood Anchor work day hours between 8am – 4pm Monday through Friday. In the event that Wood Anchor agrees upon, any deliveries/installations after hours will be charged at time and a half).

Reclaimed wood may contain nail holes, staining, knots, worm holes, cracks and other character markings normally associated with reclaimed wood. WoodAnchor Inc. celebrates the beauty of reclaimed wood and makes every effort to ensure that structural stability is present.


For the purpose of purchasing wood to be used on personal projects, it is the responsibility of the client for understanding the characteristics of wood in relation to their design (REFER TO THE ABOVE POINT). WoodAnchor Inc. will not be held responsible for any design problems that may arise when using WoodAnchor Inc. wood products. WoodAnchor Inc. will be happy to consult the client on their projects based on the client’s questions at no charge.


• Wood Anchor uses OSMO Finishing Products exclusively on all wood finished products unless another finish or no finish has been specified.
Note: The OSMO finish is usable the next day after the final coat has been applied. It may take up to 2 – 3 weeks to fully harden. Mild finish odors maybe present during this time however they are not harmful and non-toxic. Opening your windows to allow fresh air into your space will help with the mild odors.


• Any additional work will require a separate estimate prior to commencing.


• For clients with installs; WoodAnchor Inc. will work with client to ensure scheduling and design is to customer’s satisfaction. WoodAnchor Inc. guarantees quality installations but due to customer maintenance schedules, and humidity changes in installation location, WoodAnchor Inc. cannot be held responsible for imperfections after install is complete. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they maintain their new wood product as well as the humidity in the building where the floor is located to prevent damage to the wood product.


• WoodAnchor Inc. accepts no responsibility for late completion of this project. Scheduling of the manufacturing should allow for delays caused by poor site conditions, weather or availability of raw product which would impact our manufacturing rate.


• WoodAnchor Inc. will produce samples as per project requirements. Client will come down the Wood Anchor office to view sample. No project shall commence until signed approval from client has been issued.


Customers must pick-up product within 7 days after notice of completion. Please note that WoodAnchor Inc. will not be responsible for maintaining requested dried lumber products after notice of completion. Extra kiln drying requested and costs associated with will be at the customer’s expense. WoodAnchor Inc. will not be held responsible for any damages on any products being stored beyond the 7 day notice of completion. A 2% storage charge per month will be added to your final balance on products stored in our shop beyond the 7 day notice of completion.


WoodAnchor Inc. will not be held responsible for damage to product once shipped.


Quotation is based on customer/contractor provided dimensions. It is the sole responsibility for the customer/contractor to confirm sizes & specs shown on quotation. WoodAnchor Inc. accepts no responsibility for incorrect sizes and specs made by customer/contractor.


• Installation of flooring is responsibility of customer. WoodAnchor Inc. Will not accept responsibility of any defects or damages due to improper installation.


• Any additional work requested by client is subject to our force account rates of $78.00 + gst per man hour and costs plus 10%.


• Price includes a 1 year manufacturing defect warranty. Please note that due to possible drastic relative humidity changes of consumer location, solid wood can move, warp, cup, stain, or crack. While every effort will be taken on WoodAnchor Inc.’s part during lumber selection and manufacturing to ensure that this does not happen, WoodAnchor Inc. cannot be held responsible for natural wood movement and discoloration due to weather and/or other variables. Warranty covers product replacement only.

• For any warranty work, please deliver items to Wood Anchor shop (at customer’s expense). If customer is not able to Wood Anchor can provide pick up quote upon request. Wood Anchor will provide customer of pick up completion time.


• All sales are final. The customer must provide exact measurements at time of purchase. WoodAnchor Inc. will NOT accept returns of flooring or other wood. The consumer is responsible for understanding the product that they are purchasing. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need, to understand what you are buying. WoodAnchor Inc. stands behind all of our products and wants to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The consumer is responsible for understanding the product that they are purchasing. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need, to understand what you are buying.

WoodAnchor Inc. stands behind all of our products and wants to ensure complete customer satisfaction!