Wood Anchor is a custom fabrication shop/design-build studio specializing in upscale hand built wood furniture, wood furnishings, and wood art for residential/commercial/architectural & design applications.

Wood Anchor utilizes reclaimed and locally harvested lumber in each of its unique builds and products. With sources that include old timbers from historical buildings, trees cut down by the City of Winnipeg due to Dutch Elm Disease (DED), and other species of trees cut down due to development or farmland. Currently Wood Anchor is the only reclaimed wood company in North America specializing in Landfill Diverted Elm.



What is it that defines Wood Anchor and separates us from the rest? Do we work harder? Do we care more? Our belief is that we take it a step further! Our passion allows us to see BEYOND the masses and dive deeper into what is readily available. Without sacrificing what is so vital to Mother Earth’s eco system.


We believe there is legitimate shift in today’s thinking when it comes to building. Many of you are now finding ways to do your part by THINKING before ACTING. And have come to us to REUSE a beautiful old tree from their own yard that had to come down because of unfortunate circumstances, with a vision of building something new from a piece of history. See how we can help you bring your thoughtful idea into a reality.



To run this company with passion.  Passion for life, the environment, for family, friends, and of course, wood!



Wood Anchor is built on the assumption that sustainability goes beyond conservation, energy efficiency, and prudent waste management.  Sustainable wood products last a long time and are beautiful so that people want to keep them and maintain them. Our goal is to offer wood products that are beautiful, sustainable, high quality, and ethically sourced and produced.  We also commit to excellent wood knowledge and customer service and social and corporate responsibility, to create a work environment that honours our employees, our customers, and the world we live in.


At WoodAnchor we are committed to the highest standard of quality in our customer relations, our reclaiming practices, our treatment of employees, and our concern for the world we live in.


Our customers are always treated with respect and courtesy as well as honesty regarding scheduling shipments, sources of each reclaimed wood product, and payment terms. We are determined to treat our employees with respect and good pay as well as honouring their ideas and dreams.


Our commitment to bettering the world we live in goes far deeper than Wood Anchor. It’s reflected on how we live our lives on a day to day basis; keeping reality and idealism in a healthy balance. We commit to donate 1% of our profits to feed the poor with a small percentage for the environment and we hope to increase that percentage.