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Friday October 2nd, 2015 was a memorable milestone for The University of Manitoba’s engineering faculty. The faculty held a celebration & homecoming for its Manitoba Engineering Access Program’s (ENGAP) 30th year anniversary.

ENGAP provides guidance to Aboriginal peoples pursuing a degree in Engineering. As a display of its achievement the faculty commissioned Dave Thomas of Ayshkum Engineering who co-designed U of M’s Aboriginal Students Centre to design a commemorative display.

This would reside in the engineering atrium that would showcase the past graduates of the program. Dave reached out to Wood Anchor for fabrication and co-design-build.

The celebration started off with the engineering marching band followed by a notable list of speakers such as Daniel Brown who was the first graduate of the program. The unveiling was preceded with a “cutting of the ribbon”. The new display was then greeted by astonished applause most notably from the graduates that saw their name on the aluminum panels.

To see the details of the ENGAP display click here. ENGAP Portfolio

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