BTS: Shadows and Triangles Install

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Here is our first BTS behind the scenes post!

The installation of Ashdown Warehouses’ roof top terrace patio furniture one was a big one. Its not every day that we have to use a large crane to haul up our product to a roof top terrace! The use of the crane went much smoother than expected with all the pieces and the equipment making it to the roof all in one piece.

We loaded up all of the furniture and equipment the day before install and arrived there at about 5:45 in the am with the Mr. Boomtruck crane pulling up at the confirmed time at 6 bells.

The only accessible and safe loading zone was in the back alley of the building. Total time for craning everything was around 2 hours. From there the placement of all the benches, tables and cubes we’re installed in another few hours.

As you can see in the last few photos hard work can be fun work as well!

Check out the videos of the install below.






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